Lesson Plans and Worksheets

Lesson Plans and Worksheets

Through partners and in collaboration with teachers, the Siuslaw National Forest has a Cape Perpetua Curriculum designed to meet Oregon STEM requirements.

The links below will take you to the curriculum where you will find lesson plans, activities and classroom presentations. Teachers are welcome to use the materials on your own or with the assistance of Cape Perpetua Rangers.School group at Cape Perpetua

  • Focusing activities is critical to a successful field trip to the Cape Perpetua Scenic Area..
    Lesson plans and worksheets will help students draw deeper meanings from exhibits and trailside features during their visit. The majority of the activities have students use evidence found along trails and facts in order to test hypotheses. The indoor activities are helpful on rainy days when large groups of students may all be in the Visitor Center at the same time.
  • If you are planning a field trip to Cape Perpetua or the Oregon Dunes  please register online.
  • If you wish to do a lesson involving a ranger, please make sure a ranger is available by looking at the visitor center calendar. Then register online.
  • Rangers are available to make per-site visits to classrooms. Please request these visits in you online registration.
Curriculum and Worksheets
Cape Perpetua Lessons

6th Grade Forest Ecology Curriculum

Rainforest Discovery Guide

Cape Perpetua Common Tidepool Animals

Forest Exploration Journal

Leave No Trace Crossword

Oregon National Forests Crossword

Marbled Murrelet Worksheet

Soil Experiment

Shower Curtain Watershed

4th-6th Exploring Symbiosis

High School- Soil Moisture Presentation

Forest Food Web

Intertidal Zone Presentation (5th grade+)

Food Web Discovery Presentation

Forest Management

Cape Perpetua Common Tidepool Plants

Life at Water’s Edge Presentation (tidepools)

Food Chain Poem

Forest Ecosystem Scavenger Hunt

Tidepool Scavenger Hunt (front)

Tidepool Scavenger Hunt (back)

Tidepool Species Guide

Tide Pool Species Biology Presentation

Education Activity Weblinks

Forest Acrostic Poem Activity

Giant Spruce Trail Scavenger Hunt- 3rd grade+

Cape Perpetua Visitor Center Scavenger Hunt

Food Chain: Web of Life


Dunes Lessons

1st & 2nd Grade Discovery Curriculum
1st & 2nd Grade Post Activity WorkbookAnimal Track Cards

K-5 Why Does the Earth Surface Change (erosion)

Oregon Dunes Overlook Hike



P.A.W.N. Trail Lessons

5th-7th Old Growth Forest Ecology, Watersheds, and Restoration

P.A.W.N. Trail Map & Info

P.A.W.N. Trail Brochure



Field Ranger Resources
Secrets of the Oregon Dunes – 2nd Grade presentation
Geology Station Program
Wildlife Station Program
Snowy Plover Program

Riparian Wildlife Presentation

Skulls Lesson

Skulls Activity

Animal Tracks Lesson

Guess that Track!

Field Guide to Mammal Tracks


More classroom material coming soon. Please check back for updates.