Ranger Led Programs

Ranger Led Programs

Ranger-guided interpretive programs for school groups are available by reservation at Cape Perpetua and the Oregon Dunes.

We welcome learners of all ages and abilities. Advance and confirmed reservations are required!

Cape Perpetua Programs
Program Offered Join a ranger to explore Cape Perpetua where we focus our school field trip programs on a comprehensive examination of the Land and Sea connection.

Visits are planned to coincide with low tides as much as possible. This allows students to safely explore the most diverse tide pools and intertidal zones while minimizing the impacts to sensitive sea life.

A field trip itinerary includes:

  • Welcome and Forest Overview¬†– Includes safety briefing and etiquette/Leave No Trace message
  • Explore the Intertidal and Cape Perpetua Marine Reserve
  • Return to the Visitor Center where groups will alternate between activities that could include:
    • Age appropriate video
    • Ranger Program (topics vary)
    • Guided Hikes (topics and trails vary)
    • Nature Journal activity
    • Scavenger Hunt
Teacher Responsibilities Teachers are asked to divide students into small groups of 5-10 students that are each led by a chaperone prior to arriving on site.  Please provide (or at a minimum) read over the chaperone expectations with the selected chaperones prior to arrival.
Oregon Dunes Programs
Program Offered School groups visiting Oregon Dunes can request special programs or find out about being part of a service project. Geology, ecology and the impacts of humans on natural environments are just a few of the topics to study here.
P.A.W.N. Trail Programs
Program Offered This trail is perfect for small groups, either self guided or ranger lead.